Why Exercise is important?

Some significant issues which have risen dramatically in recent times all over the world would be that physical fitness has suddenly awakened. Everyone in the cruel reality of life thinks that physical fitness is the most essential need. Why is it important to focus on exercise? We would never manage to neglect it? Can we?

One can look at your body and tell whether you abuse your body or look after yourself here is a simple truth without enjoying great health energy and vitality all the riches in the world can never be enjoyed the sad thing about human nature is that people want to pay attention to health only after they realize that they have symptoms of a degenerative disease like diabetes or when they have their first mild heart attack our human body is considered the most sacred temple in the world though we intellectually know that we don’t treat this temple very well. Read about- Surya Bhedi Pranayam Benefits

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Difference between Health and Fitness

Let’s assume for a fact we begin to take care of it how do we care very often we care for the fitness, and we assume that we are caring for the body these days a vast majority of people talk about the necessity of exercise. They think they’re actually talking about health well there’s a big difference between health and fitness. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise, Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Fitness is the physical ability to perform athletic activity health, however, is defined as the state where all the systems of the body nervous muscular-skeletal circulatory digestive lymphatic hormonal etc are working in an optimal way if you look in the dictionary you can do it open up a dictionary it says right there in a medical dictionary the definition of health is not just the absence of symptoms it’s actually 100% function.

The Truth About Health And Exercise Everybody Should Know

Do you know your body?

The function of all the cells all the organs and all the nerves in the body working perfectly it’s actually a function of your physical-chemical emotional and spiritual well-being the quality of health we enjoy is due to the flow of energy we experience every day when there is a hindrance to the flow of energy we begin to lose the ease without body and the strike the disease bottom line is this the quality of health is energy. Energy is built in the cellular level energy comes from the cells.

Cells are the building blocks of every living being health life and death starts created and ended in the cellular level cells are the building blocks of our physical body. All physical parts in our body are made of various cells and cells need oxygen and nutrients to produce energy cells must have oxygen anything that diminishes the level of oxygen in the cells of the body is disease producing the blood is delivering the nutrients and oxygen tithe cells our bloodstream acts as an environment to support the health of a cell.

All healthy cells have the ability to absorb oxygen and nutrients and they also have the ability to eliminate the waste in order to stay healthy this means that everything we put into our body has to be either assimilated or eliminated from the body. A healthy cell produces energy in a healthy environment namely a healthy fluid in the bloodstream, therefore, the environment has a direct influence on the cell a healthy environment keeps the equilibrium and when that equilibrium is lost disease strikes.

Let me provide you with an instance we fully understand that trash influences rats garbage dump attracts cockroaches. Eliminating them won’t solve the issue for the long term because as long as it’s a polluted area they’re definitely coming back seems to be the situation that somehow attracts viruses, germs and infectious diseases all into our own body. Let’s assume that you have a garden.

And there are weed as well as litter in the lawn, and on all of that, you’re spraying it with sewage water so well, pretty obviously, your garden can never actually grow well, however on all of that, you would have a whole lot of creepy crawlies turning up snacking on the waste but also feasting your garden. I mean the environment is a key to whether or not something can grow and thrive right?

Do you know your body?

Importance of Ph balance

I mean would you rather be a fish in a nice clean string or one in a stagnant pond well it’s no different in your body your internal environment really is going to dictate whether the fluids in your body whether the hundred and fifty trillion cells in your body whether they thrive or whether they don’t throw imagine you keep a goldfish long enough in a bowl of water without changing the water. You have a tank, there are fish in it. They’re eating then they create nitrogen waste but they’re also breathing and as they do a respiration, they create co2 and that builds up the pH drops co2 is acidic.

Well, if you don’t correct the pH not only you’re going to get algae bloom but you’re going to get a bunch of sick fish now most people will tell you. If you have a sick fish the first thing you’re going to change the water, give antibiotics, maintain the pH but our normal medical practice is the other way around. We take the sick fish to the doctor it gets treated and we put the fish back into the same polluted environment. We treat most of the symptoms and we continue to let ourselves live in a polluted environment to study. We need to study the healthy environment since everything about health happens at the cellular level.

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Know about Cells in Your Body

Let’s dive deeper into the subject. Cells communicate with pulses of electricity at a micro molecular level all cells need electromagnetic charges to function as healthy cells.

Our entire human body is working on electromagnetism what makes electrical power happen to a healthy cell is the delicate balance of our body’s biochemistry. Our body maintains biochemistry at the cellular level with positive and negative charges. Chemistry makes the environment possible for electricity to be there anything that messes up the electrical balance. It is messing up the body cells messing up your organs and messing up your health. The smallest building blocks of life. Atoms and molecules are micro magnets with a plus and minus pole comparable to the Earth’s poles or comparable to a battery cell. What determines the biochemistry and the balance of a healthy cell is the acid-alkaline balance in an alkaline environment.

Know about Cells in Your Body

Maintain the acid levels in the body

The red blood cells swim faster and are less prone to clotting which means they can absorb and emit more oxygen and nutrients. On the other hand, in a highly acidic environment, the blood cells will lose their electrical charges and start sticking together. When the blood cells stick together they lose the flow unless oxygen is supplied to ourselves. Cells eventually become fragile and as they die they release several acids through the system, the system becomes far more hazardous, the cycle of unpleasant events happens to make it even worse. As acidity spikes and high acid in our system is a big problem why the reason is high acidity causes all kinds of disease.

Above all the creation of acid in our system breaks down our biochemistry the blood is a living liquid organ that is our life. Our health has a direct relationship to the health of the blood because all of our organs, tissues and glands are made from the cell. The blood is the focal primary site of blood production. It is made in the crypts of the small intestine. What I call the root system of our body when that part of our body is healthy and strong we build healthy blood and it turns from there.

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We build healthy body cells to build up our organs and tissues and glands our body needs a healthy balance of acid and alkaline to keep the electromagnetism of ourselves now maybe you’ve heard that the pH of your blood which is the most important fluid in your body. The pH doesn’t change much and that’s actually true but some people will go further and say well then the pH of your body doesn’t change. That’s untrue, the pH of our blood must be regulated between about 7.3 and 7.4

If it moved out of that range you would not be alive. Well, the only way then your body can deal with XX acid is to store it. To move it away from the bloodstream like any other waste acids must be neutralized and then disposed of it through your bloodstream. In order to be carried out eventually through your colon or your kidneys, that’s how you eliminate waste. Well, you must be thinking that if you have so much acid that you can’t buffer it and you can’t neutralize it or dispose of it properly. You can’t just dump these acids into the blood which must be narrowly controlled.

So your body has a mechanism to deal with it’s called storing it. It’ll start in fluid it’ll store it in tissues and fatty tissues and start wherever it can in order to keep the blood pH where it optimally needs to be.

Maintain the acid levels in the body

What causes diabetes?

Most of the health problems or diseases. We experience are the result of our intelligent body’s work to maintain the acid-alkaline balance to save our life from the biochemical imbalances and from death itself. Our body needs to keep the acid-alkaline balance in the bloodstream at 7.36 otherwise you’ll die. C acid is very toxic and the body has to get through, it has to eliminate these acids through the pore channels of elimination that is respiration. We breathe out acid we take in lifesaving life-giving oxygen.

What’s the other option you must be thinking. Well it’s urination you have to pee your way to help if you want to be healthy. if you’re not peeing regularly in eliminating your waste products then there comes a stage for acid buildup that can lead to an epidemic which is around the world now called type 1 diabetes.

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Our body odour or liquid waste

The fourth elimination organ is our pores weave 3,500 pores per square inch and these pores are open our openings that allow for gases. We smell those in the form of body odour or liquid waste. They’re coming from the lymphatic system out of our tissues add up through the sweat glands we remove waste products which makes exercise so vitally important.

Your Body is giving you Signs When You Get Sick

When the blood cells lose electrical charges in an acidic environment they begin to stick to each other. When cells stick to each other the flow of the red blood cells gets reduced this means less or no oxygen to other cells. Where there is less or no oxygen available to cells they begin to die or mutate when they die. It again pollutes the environment which means more acid is created in the system when a condition of oxygen depletion progresses some cells get disorganized and mutate themselves to survive in this unhealthy environment cells try to adapt to the new acidic environment and they become bacteria.

This mutation of a healthy cell into bacteria has been videotaped and studied by several modern biologists. What happens to this rod bacteria that insignificant. BIological transformation of bacteria into a red blood cell and then bacteria out of the red blood cell. It’s reversible this phenomenon is called pleomorphic. It shocked medical science in microbiologist this biological transformation occurs when a healthy blood cell mutates and becomes bacteria in an acidic environment and morphs back as a healthy cell in an alkaline environment. An environment that is well balanced with alkaline and acid is the key to a strong immune system.

The bottom line your blood is either a river of life to all your body cells or a river of disease. I believe it’s time for another medical revelation.

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Let’s imagine a scenario let’s assume that you’d consumed poison accidentally. How will your body react to the poison that’s in your system? How will your bodywork against this poison in the tank? What will be your body’s intelligent response to keep you alive? In most cases when the poison is consumed your body will try to get rid of the poison. As a result, you’ll experience severe symptoms like vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness or fever, blisters, mucus, convulsions fainting, joint pain, fatigue and perspiration etc.

You’ll also catch fever because your body heats up to speed up the process of eliminating poison that is too much demand on the body the body also wants to sweat the poison out. You’ll get the symptom of headache because oxygen levels in the brain have also been interrupted. So, the bottom line os you can add as many symptoms as you can depending on the type of body that’s infected and the amount of poison consumed. The truth of the matter is that they are nothing but symptoms when the body is infected with poison in the system.

Now tell me any disease in the world that doesn’t have any of these symptoms in fact these are the symptoms of most of the diseases in the world. Alny physician can testify to that. What does this all mean? This means that symptoms and so-called diseases are nothing but the functions of an intelligent mechanism called the human body trying to get rid of the poison inside of it. Now get ready for the biggest medical revelation.

The disease is actually the Cure symptoms of the disease. It’s a curing process of how the body is trying to get rid of its toxins all the symptoms are nothing but various means of getting rid of poison or toxicity inside the body the cause of disease or the symptoms are not the real problem. The real problem is the source and it’s the environment what attracts germs to flourish in our body is the environment. The accumulation of toxins in our system causes disease the paradigm of treating symptoms is an old paradigm.

Ujjayi Pranayama Technique

Live a Healthy Life

Now is the time to change modern medicine now advocates that all disease are lifestyle-related diseases. If you lead a lifestyle that is just enjoyable for your tongue. You will attract diseases and if you lead a healthy lifestyle. You will be quite disease-free. It is really simple. We don’t catch diseases. We cause them. We create them. For instance, we don’t catch a cold or flu we actually earn it by fostering toxic waste conditions in our bodies. As a result of our lifestyles, we have a society that monumentally conspires against the pursuit of health.

We have wave after wave of labour-saving technology that says don’t ever use your muscles for anything along with messages that you should be more physically active. We have every year the introduction of hundreds if not thousands of new highly processed foods. The majority of which grow in the dark at the same time. We’re telling people to eat food that is closer to nature and weave crazy hectic routines. You can follow a yogic diet chart to make sure you are on the right path.

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We have schools where we teach children to sit still all day long. So they can become adults we can’t get off couches. So, there’s an awful lot about our society that is at odds with the basic message of don’t smoke, be active, eat a healthy diet and by the way control stress and get enough sleep. We don’t make those things easy we ideally would make health lie along the path of least resistance. But if, not the path of least resistance there at least needs to be a path so you don’t have to bushwhack your way there.

The foundation of health is a healthy bloodstream the system that transports oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in your body. If you have a healthy circulatory system you’re going to live long and lead a healthy life. The environment is the blood stream then what is the control button for the system. It is breathing we all do it but we don’t really do it well.

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Importance of Exercise & Yoga?

A zoologist based in California by the name of Dr Jack Shields found that deep diaphragmatic breathing could accelerate the processor toxin elimination from the body by as much as 15 times. He put cameras inside people’s bodies to see what stimulated cleansing the lymph system. He found that deep diaphragm breath is the most effective way to accomplish. It creates something like a vacuum that sucks lymph through the bloodstream and multiplies the pace at which the body eliminates toxins in fact deep breathing and exercise can accelerate this process by as much as 15 times.

Now, most important we want to make sure our chests open we’re standing up straight or sitting up straight. We want to make sure our chest and lungs are open so we can get the full amount of oxygen we breathe in. We’re going to breathe in for three seconds through our nose and feels if you’re breathing into the stomach into the diaphragm and then you’re going to hold for three seconds.

Then you’re going to blow out of the mouth for four seconds so it’s going to be like three seconds through the nose breathing. Another diaphragm into the stomach holding it for three seconds and breathing out of the mouth for four seconds. This is one of the easiest and effective pranayamas. Your body is comprised of 70 to 80 per cent water so after oxygen. Water is the most important nutrient in our body. Experts suggest that your diet must consist of 70% water-rich food water-rich diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables or their juices. Freshly squeezed in food that comes out of the ground.

Benefits of Brain Yoga

Looking the way it looks when you eat it if it’s processed or packaged or it’s got trans fats. These all increase shelf life but they shorten human life.

Walk 30 minutes a day at the end of the day you can make it part of what you do every day like to use the stairs instead of an elevator but thirty minutes of extra walking. It gives a nice stretch and walking is the easiest exercise that you can do daily. Doctors say that all increased blood flow is good for the brain and also lifts our spirits. So it is better to add exercise and yoga in your daily routine.

Exercise leads to perspiration which is another way of getting toxins out of our body. Exercise makes you feel different and gives you more energy high-energy. Performance comes from movements. Exercise is the single best method available for decreasing the tension and stress that robs you of mental energy. The fastest way to get out of stress into work out regular exercise will certainly help if this could increase oxygen and haemoglobin livers.

Whilst also providing happy endorphin hormones to neutralize some more toxic hormones. It is decisions they determine the quality of our health the lifestyle decisions we make every day determine our health and diseases in the near future. The real improvement in our healthcare is less likely to be driven by the advancement of Medical Science than by our improved decisions in dietary changes and our healthy lifestyle.

Ujjayi Pranayama Steps - benefits of Ujjayi Pranayama

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