About Us

About Yoga Skilled – Hello, welcome to Yoga skilled Rishikesh. Yoga skilled is organized by experienced yogis of Rishikesh whose main objective is to encourage people of all sections of the world to live a blissful life without any stress, along with the power of yoga and other suggestions for a healthy life. We are here to spread greater awareness of the benefits of yoga and the misconceptions behind yoga, which are only for inflexible or older people who are untrue.

Why do Yoga?

Yoga is not all about maintaining your physical appearance. It is about changing the perspective of oneself. How we should be aware of our consciousness of ourselves and our inner self. Yoga is the way to achieve a sound body, mind & soul.

Why did we Tend To Start Yoga skilled?

We were studying in the world capital of yoga. We got to know the history of yoga. It is said that The Goddess Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva, approached Lord Shiva to ease the suffering of humanity. Goddess Parvati received knowledge of yogic science. She disclosed it to Brahma, who taught it to his children born of his own will, the sages that passed it onto Vasista and others. Hatha Yoga Pradipika was written by Swami Svatmarama all the traditional knowledge of yogic science is there for all.

We also wanted to share the knowledge with others so, they can get the benefits. Most people think that yoga is about physical appearance which is false because yoga can be performed by someone who is having health problems. Yoga can take away your health issues. When you are doing yoga you feel at ease there is a flow of energy that makes you feel energized and positive. This is the reason for our efforts to spread awareness and positivity through yoga.