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What Is Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety is a state of mind that occurs with worry, fear, or terror. It is also an emotional condition characterized by such generalized feelings of tension, uneasiness, worry, and internal excitement. It could be caused by past stress full events, trauma, or triggering thoughts.  Anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental health problems in the world. 1 out of 13 people worldwide is suffering from anxiety says WHO. Experts say that yoga can be helpful in managing anxiety symptoms. Learn more about the best ways to fight anxiety here.

Anxiety happens when we assume the worst about a situation and feel helpless. We create false beliefs that lead to exaggerated worry. Breathing exercises can help with many forms of anxiety, including panic attacks, phobias, and more. We take a closer look at what breathing is and how control can affect health. Know MoreYoga Diet plan

Anxiety Disorder Anxiety Symptom Yoga Poses for Anxiety

Anxiety Disorder in Children or Teenagers

These days technology has been changed completely. Gone are the days when kids used to go out with their friends to play now they play online. The Internet has changed our lives we have all the answers at our fingertips. Our internet profiles make a difference in our life. We have many followers people want to hang out with you more often all because of the popularity. But what about the ratio of people who are not having so many followers or supporters who will encourage them to do what is right. Read More – Suryabhedi Pranayama

They start to try unique things to make them stand out but some of them get so demotivated that they start to get anxious about themselves all because of the attention. Some parents are also so focused on their work that they forget to talk about how their kid is coping with his/ her everyday life. If the child is using drugs or alcohol to deal with his anxiety disorder seek medical assistance.

what is Depression - Yoga Asana For Depression

Coping with Anxiety

Show empathy you have been through this phase, but the time was different then, and now it’s quite opposite.

They won’t tell you if it is hard for them to fit into this new phase. Ask them how they are feeling every day whenever you see them. The reason they are getting angry is not getting attention. So it’s okay to feel angry when they are not getting attention from their loved ones. Just talk to them about how you are feeling. They will try their best to help you. Know More About – Purna Dhanurasana

It is totally fine if you don’t want to go out with anyone and want to cancel the plans at the last minute because it makes you feel anxious how the day will turn out. Take your time and whenever you are ready just go out with anyone you love hanging out and enjoy being At that moment. Tell them they don’t have to think about what will happen or any other consequence. Just try to enjoy the moment you are having. It will help with your anxiety disorder.

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1. Paschimottana Asana or Seated Forward Bend (पश्चिमोत्तानासन)

First of all, sit on a mat in an upright position. After this, straighten your arms and then take them in the forward direction, and now spread your legs in the forward direction. Try to hold the toes. During this time try to touch the knees with your nose but keep both knees and both arms straight.


2. Ushtrasana or Camel Pose (उष्ट्रासन)

Regular practice of Ushttrasana reduces stress and increases blood circulation throughout the body. Increased blood circulation means that more oxygen gets into the body and makes the body and mind healthy


3. Trikonasana or Triangle Pose (त्रिकोणासन)

The most exciting aspect of this asana is to resist its force. Due to this aspect, this asana not only controls two opposing forces but also establishes a balance between the two forces. Stretch is included along with twists in this asana. Elevated trikonasana not only helps to open the spine but also helps to remove anxiety.

Raised Trikonasana

4. Halasana or Plough Pose (हलासन)

Halasana is a body relaxant as well as a relaxing body for the body. By its practice, not only the body gets stretch but the spine also gets rest. Along with providing relief to the muscles, it also helps in reducing the pain of the back, neck, and shoulders.

Regular practice of Halasana helps to ease the movement of tendons, muscles, and knee joints. In this posture, the body is in the plow posture plowing the field. Regular practice of this asana helps the yogi to not only get physical but also mental and emotional support. This asana helps to increase positivity and peace. Read More About – Gyan Mudra Pronunciation


5. Dandasana or Stick Pose (दंडासन)

Sit upright on the ground and then spread the legs straight. Now bend the toes inward but keep the soles in the outward direction. Keep the arms straight at the waist and keep the palms close to the ground against the buttocks. Now try to focus the eye on the nose by tilting the head in the downward direction. Do this asana 5-6 times daily for 25 to 30 seconds.


6. Setu Bandh asana or Shoulder Supported Bridge (सेतुबंधासन)

Like Uttrasana, this asana helps in improving blood circulation in the body. Setu Bandh asana not only makes the chest wide but also helps to open the blockages of the heart. It also helps to calm the mind and reduce stress. It also gives tremendous energy to the body on regular practice. Ffshjnfsngdmhdhlffhmxmhxkdkhdhlldmhdmhdlhdmhdhmdmdhmdmgdgmdkgdmgdgmdktdkgdmgdhmdmvxmvxhmdmbxmbbmbd,gkskgdkgdmgdhmdhdhm,gmsgkdkhhffljfksjgsjgdkgsjgdmgsgksvmdhmxmhdmhdmhdmgxgmdgmdmhdgmdmvdgmxmvxvmxmgdmvxhmdbmxbmdbmdmbxmbdmbxhmdmbhdgmdhltlc,dgkdykdkgjgsjgsgdkgd,gkgdhkdkhdkhdkhhfh,gmskgdkgdkhdhmhljf

Sethu Bandhasana

Note: If you want to start yoga classes at the comfort of your home then you can email us to join online yoga classes. We are always happy to help.Always make sure to contact your doctor whenever you are performing any new exercise.

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