Bally Fat Exercise – Yoga poses To Reduce Belly Fat

Stomach fat looks bad to see but it is also annoying in itself. It also causes health problems. For example, chronic inflammation in your abdominal cavity increases the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Abdominal fat is mainly collected from not doing yoga, poor lifestyle, excess fat, and intake of sweet foods. Heredity and sometimes age is also the cause. Therefore, it is difficult to reduce belly fat, but not impossible. A balanced diet and yoga practice at the right time are helpful in reducing abdominal fat. KnowWhat is Yoga 10 Benefits of Yoga.

Bally Fat Exercise With Yoga Technique

Have you got belly bulge too? Does it hurt to bend the abdomen? Do you also breathe while walking or climbing stairs? If this is the case, then you are under the grip of overweight or even obesity. It has been confirmed in many scientific types of research that the obese person increases the risk of getting diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, high blood pressure, and cancer.

Can you reduce belly fat with Yoga? Yes, you can. How will we help you with this? If you are upset with the fat on the stomach, then we can understand your problem. Even if you have lost weight fast, but you will definitely have to work double to reduce the fat on the stomach. So if you also want to reduce the fat on the stomach, then there are definitely ways to reduce belly fat, ways to reduce belly and waist, ways to reduce increased belly, and ways to reduce belly and waist fat Will be given you. Read – Health Benefits of Pranayama.

Often people also take medicines to reduce stomach fat, which can prove to be harmful to your health. You will get many ways to reduce your waist and stomach, but hardly anyone can tell you how to reduce belly fat. For this, you have to have the right diet and exercise. Do not panic, our aim is not to scare you, but to alert you. In this article of StyleCrease, we have brought a solution to your same problem. Here we will talk about Yogasanas to reduce the stomach, whose regular practice can not only reduce obesity but can also get rid of other diseases.

Yoga Poses To Reduce Stomach

Just as there is a method of doing every yoga, similarly it is necessary to do all yoga asana. Yoga starts with standing postures. After this, Yogasanas are done by sitting and then lying down. We are also telling you yoga in the same order and if you do them in the same order, then there will be more benefits. Yogasanas to reduce stomach are as follows:


Yes, Naukasana reduces fat on one side while on the other hand, it is also helpful in reducing weight. Not only this, but Naukasana is also believed to be helpful in enhancing the brightness of the face. Let,s Know – What is Chakrasana (Wheel Pose) Benefits of Chakrasana.

Bally Fat Exercise 


Yes, if you want to lose weight fast or want to lose the fat on the stomach, then you should practice Bhujangasana posture.



Now brother, who does not like thin waist. If you are losing weight and you have to reduce the fat on the stomach, then you will definitely want a thin waist. For this, you practice Ustrasana.


It is necessary to do Tadasana before starting yoga. Yogasan is also started to reduce stomach. By doing this, the whole body feels stretched and brings energy. Blood flow gets better.

Tadasana benefits


While doing this asana, the body comes in a triangle-like posture, hence it is called trikonasana. Triangle means three angled and posture means posture.



It is made up of the sum of two words of yoga i.e. foot and hand. While doing this yoga, the hands are kept close to the feet on the ground, due to which it is called Padahastasana.

Surya Namaskar

There can be no better yoga than Surya Namaskar to keep the body fit and fit. This is such a yoga asana while doing that all the organs of the bodywork together. It is unmatched in the order of yoga to reduce the stomach.


The next step in the yoga to be done is that of Pawanmuktasana. While doing this, the stomach is stressed. Wind means wind and liberation means coming out. By doing this, the collected air in the stomach comes out.


Where other asanas are done lying down on the waist, while Dhanurasana is done lying down on the stomach. While doing this, the body becomes like a bow, due to which it is called Dhanurasana.

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) Benefits of Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)


If this yoga is done properly, the weight can be reduced to a great extent. In this Yoga Asana, the posture of the body becomes like a plow, so it is called Halasana. This is a bit difficult to do, so those who cannot do it should be halted.


You must have often heard people complaining that they have reduced so many kilograms of weight but it is a thick belly that they are not taking the name of being reduced. Actually, the reason for this problem is obvious. Because losing a few pounds of weight from the whole body is a different thing and just reducing belly fat is a completely different thing. Due to this, world-famous author Bob Luther presented in detail in his recent article.

According to Bob, the reason for the lowering of abdominal fat compared to body fat is that melting the fat stored in other parts of the body is different from body mechanisms, and melting the fat stored on the stomach is different. If you too have adopted all the tips to reduce the fat on your stomach but to no avail then you should choose the path of Ayurveda.

This is an easy and effective way, which can relieve you from the increased belly fat. Because the main reasons for belly fat include reasons like a lazy lifestyle, excessive sleeping or oversleeping of the body, not taking care of food, and not taking proper nutrition. Due to these reasons, fat accumulates on the stomach, which is a big challenge to reduce even after much effort. Based on many research and experience, Bob says that this fat can be reduced by adopting the Ayurvedic diet. ReadYoga for Beginners – Yoga poses for Beginners

Working for hours in a chair and a chaotic routine has a bad effect on our health, but its most visible effect is on our stomach. You must have seen many such people around you, whose stomach has taken shape. Just think, if you find it so strange, then how bad will it make a person with an unformed body himself. Many times this unformed stomach also becomes the reason for embarrassment among people. While there is no harm to these measures, you can easily adapt them due to being available in the house.

What is Pranayama Yoga - Health Benefits of Pranayama Yoga

To reduce the fat of the stomach, according to Ayurveda, the rules of eating and drinking should be followed. This leads to metabolism and digestion. Some herbs used in this food work to reduce the fat stored in the body. Along with the Ayurvedic diet, belly fat can be reduced in a given time with workouts and walks. know – How to Increase Height – Yoga poses for increase Height

Change your diet

Add These Things To Your Diet


Soybeans, dried fruits such as protein, contain protein, eating them does not cause hunger at all and consumes fewer calories. Therefore fat is not stored near the stomach.


Add fiber things to your diet. Fibers such as legumes, whole grains, peas, cabbage, beans, vegetables, whole pulses, and fruits are high in fiber. They also have good digestion and do not accumulate fat around the stomach.

 Avoid These Things


One usually hears that sugar is a sweet and slow poison. The elements found in sugar freeze in our body and take the form of obesity at different places, especially around the stomach. Our metabolic system has to work very hard to digest sugar, yet it is not fully digested but collected in the form of acids and gives nothing but harm to the body. It is better to throw this sweet poison out of your diet.


Refined oils, ghee, or butter of all kinds are helpful in giving instant power to the body and giving good taste to food. But by consuming more of them, they also do well to increase fat and increase obesity in the body. So take as much lubrication as is necessary for your physical development.

How To Reduce Belly Fat -  Yoga poses To Reduce Belly Fat


Salt is an integral part of our diet, but salt has the ability to absorb water. Therefore, due to excessive intake of salt, water starts to stop in the body, and not as much water should be released out of the body, it stops in the body itself and we start feeling fat. Read – what is Depression – Yoga Asana For Depression


Rice has very low fiber content. Otherwise, the carbohydrate is propagated in rice, due to which the stomach fills quickly and then soon becomes hungry again. This is the reason why we consume more food than required due to lack of satiety even after eating rice. So if you are trying to remove fat from the body, then remove the rice from your diet.

Rice dite


Wheat flour contains a very good amount of both carbohydrates and protein. That is why you feel satisfaction after eating and your stomach is full, but if we use multigrain flour instead of wheat flour, then all kinds of cereal protein will also be obtained and if you eat less amount of fiber, then again Will not feel hungry Flour is a smooth form of wheat flour.

Its intake is very harmful to the body because the flour goes into the body and gets stuck in the intestines and hinders the digestive process. For this reason, the body also has to suffer the physical loss due to heaviness and expected food. So first of all, throw the flour out of your diet and try to keep your body light. Let,s ReadNadi Shodhana (pulse resection) pranayama

Nowadays many people appear troubled by the problem of abdominal obesity. People are taking various measures to solve this problem. But many people are not getting the right result for this, it may be their wrong solution, it can also be said. Sometimes some wrong measures can result in some wrong results. As such, side effects and infections do not necessarily mean that all remedies give complete results to everyone, the condition of every human body is different, so whenever a remedy is to be used, what can be the side effects and infections before that? It is important to keep information about this also.

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