Constipation Shortcuts - The Easy Way

Constipation Shortcuts – The Easy Way

In life, the rule is very clear that anything which comes also goes. Just like how we are born, we will die, a thought comes a thought goes. If somebody behaved rudely we may not be able to let it go because we don’t allow it to go. Then the thought goes into the system, it corrodes our system everything goes bad. I’ve seen such personalities even that they hold on they don’t believe it. They are pilling up their emotions which is causing distruption inside.

Thoughts and feelings caused by stress may have an effect on your stomach and intestines. Also, the reverse can happen. Stress and long-term rage can be triggered by what goes on in your stomach. Anxiety can be caused by recurrent constipation, diarrhoea, and other forms of bowel disorders, causing a vicious stress loop. Read more about What Is Anxiety Disorder

Now when we hold on to things they go upside down in our system. Stress and anxiety can cause constipation because a stressed-out person usually eats an unhealthy diet, unable to get proper sleep, hydration and exercise to relieve constipation.

Too much thoughts mean Constipation

Peristalsis which happens in our entire elementary canal is weakened so the food which we have eaten it should pass through absorption assimilation to take place and food has to pass down that doesn’t go. It gets stuck here and there and then the person starts to suffer from gas, constipation, headache, pain, pass the motion. You might want some stimulants then you have a cup of tea or some smokes to have moments because then the body gets into the little restless state.

“If” you want to see that the digestive system is functioning properly. You need to take a good amount of lukewarm water. It should be the second thing in morning after you wake up. First is body movement stretch your hands and feet. You can also drink water in Malasana. It is really beneficial for digestive related problems because it gently puts a little pressure at your intestine and when you are drinking water in this position you can actually feel how the water is going inside and unblocking the way.

Malasana or मलासन

To perform Malasana you just have to squat down and stay in this posture till you drink two glasses of water. After this walk for a few minutes fresh oxygen is a must in the mornings. After warm up, your body can perform other asana which are beneficial for your intestine.

Vajrasana Steps - Vajrasana Precautions - Vajrasana Benefits
Vajrasana Benefits

Tadasana or ताड़ासन

For Tadasana you need to stand straight. Your hands should stay side by side now interlock your fingers palms facing downwards. Stretch your shoulders straight and move your shoulders straight above your head palms facing upwards. Your body weight will be on your toes. Stand or walk forward and backward in this position for 10 to 15 rounds and slowly come down. Know About Surya bhedi Pranayama

Tadasana Yoga - Benefits of Tadasana Yoga
Pawanmuktaasana or पवनमुक्तासना

The name Lay down on your back in Shavasana and relax your body take a few deep breaths. Now bend your right knee and grab it with your hands. Your shoulder and upper body should be touching the ground just move your leg towards your stomach. Try touching your knee to your chest while your other leg is straight. Hold on to this posture for 20 seconds. Repeat it with another leg and after that try with both legs bent together for 10 seconds.


Bhujangasana or भुजंगासन

Lay down in Shavasana and shift your body to lie down on your stomach. Now, your palms should be near your chest just below the shoulders. Inhale and lift your shoulders and chest bend backwards but naval should be touching the ground. Repeat this 5 times, if you want you can do this asana while holding on to for 10 seconds but atleast 4-5 times.


Mandukasana or मंडूकासन

Sit in any comfortable siting position. Now, bend your knees backwards and sit on your heels. This position is Vajrasana. This is asana is great after eating your meal. It helps in the digestion process. Now, let there be a little space between your knees both legs should be parallel. See the picture. Now make a fist and put your right palm on your stomach on the right side of naval and the other one on the left side. Breathe in and exhale from your mouth while going forward and palms still in a fist touching your stomach. Repeat this 4-5 times.

Mandukasana Yoga Skilled

What Pranayama can do for Constipation?

When you are breathing in and the stomach goes up when you are breathing out stomach goes in so this stomach movement makes our intestines start functioning better. Peristalsis gets better and so that stops, and you are also focusing over there on the movement. You are moving your stomach in and out. This movement is known as Pranayama. The best pranayam that will work on this problem is Kapalbhati. How you are concentrating on your mind is focused over there, and I guarantee that you will pass motion well during the day.

Kapalbhati Pranayam

Yogic Diet Chart for Constipation

The food should be fibrous, so I would say one plate of fruits. A person must separately have them. Either your dinner should be just fruits nothing else or ideal would be to have fruit between breakfast and lunch that is a 10 o clock or at 3 o clock. Read more about Yogic Diet Chart

  • Vegetables are very good so try and eat fibrous vegetables like leafy vegetables such things should be eaten regularly and all other seasonal vegetables, so your food should be fruits vegetable and juices.
  • Do you know you can have Yogurt? Yes, it is a dairy product but the good bacteria will help you with indigestion.
  • Pulses are a great source of fiber, especially cooked ones. They contain Potassium, Vitamin B-6, Zinc and Folate
  • If you like oatmeal put a dash of wheat bran on it or eat a wheat bran cereal. You can also make some wheat bran roti for your lunch and dinner.
  • You might hate this one but your stomach needs it. I am talking about the infamous Brocolli. It will protect the intestine to build strength and ease up digestion. It contains sulforaphane.
  • Who would have thought that grapes will become your bae when you are having stomach troubles. Eat grapes for a yummy source of hydration as well as they are rich in fiber. So, it’s a win-win for you.
  • Are you missing white bread then you can opt for whole wheat bread and cereals that contain dry fruits for taste and health.
Vajrasana Steps - Vajrasana Precautions - Vajrasana Benefits
Vajrasana Steps – Vajrasana Precautions – Vajrasana Benefits

Hydration is The key.

Another rule to keep in mind is water should be taken half an hour before your meals and one hour after your meals. Try to drink less with meals. You must have a glass full of liquid something to drink so in breakfasts you can have herbal tea in the evening you can have buttermilk and if you like the juice you can have an apple, kiwi fruit, prune, pears or any citrus fruits. These not only taste good but also will help you cure constipation.

Hydration is the key

Avoid This To Cure Constipation

  • Processed Food or Fast Food
  • Dairy Products
  • Deep-Fried Food
  • Alcohol
  • Low Fiber Food
  • Processed Grains
  • Red Meat
  • Banana
  • White Rice
  • Bread

If you function like that constipation will never be there, so we have to handle at the mental level we have to handle at the dietary level we have to handle these things that are activity level so all these levels have to be corrective. Following these tips will make your problem go so try and take care of yourself.

Note: If you want to start yoga classes at the comfort of your home then you can email us to join online yoga classes. We are always happy to help. Always make sure to contact your doctor whenever you are performing any new exercise.

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