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Brain Yoga is beneficial for sharpening your mind. One such research shows that performing yoga regularly affects brain memory as well as memory capacity. Yoga is the best option to make your mind sharp. The balance of mental energy is better with yoga. How beneficial yoga is for the mind.

Apart from yoga, other types of exercise or cardio are also beneficial. Yoga has great importance in human life. With the regular practice of yoga, we can remove all diseases from our lives. For all types of disease, there is a different form of therapeutic yoga known as Restorative Yoga. Read About –Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

Brain Yoga

Yoga is a very esoteric science. If it is adopted properly, it gives all the advantages. There are many such actions in it, due to which you can use your mind and brainpower more and more. We are not saying that you can increase the strength of your mind through yoga. The mind is already strong. We simply cannot use it fully. Scientific research says that we are able to use only 2 per cent of the brain. With compound actions, we can increase the range of use of the mind.

In today’s lifestyle, manual labour has reduced and mental labour has increased more than before. You will adopt many things in your food and daily behaviour to increase your mental capacity but may have never thought of yoga, while it is such a perfect method that relaxes you mentally in a very short time. Know about – Benefits of Chakrasana

Repeated practice of meditation, stress, fatigue, and different things boost your health and your performance. In such a situation, extreme mental fatigue arises and with the ability of a person to think and understand, he is not able to do things fast. In such a situation, you are not able to give your 100 per cent performance, and you are left behind everywhere. brain yoga, brain yoga, brain yoga, brain yoga

Benefits of Brain Yoga

Everyone is now aware of the benefits of yoga. To keep their body fit, people are now turning to yoga. But do you know that along with the fitness of the body, it is equally important to keep your brain fit and the good thing is that yoga takes care of not only the body but also the health of the mind.

Today, we know about such special brain yoga Asanas, which activate the mind. Nowadays, all of us are beginning to understand the importance of exercise and yoga to make our body fit and active. We have included it in our everyday important tasks to a great extent, but what do we do to activate the mind?

With age, the speed of brain functioning slows down and memory also starts to weaken due to which we start forgetting many things. In such a situation, it becomes necessary that we also do brain yoga to keep the mind active and sharp.

Our brain is divided into two distinct parts which are connected to the corpus callosum. This gives us the Right mind and left mind. These two parts are similar to each other, but the work of each part is different. The left part of the mind is responsible for controlling the right part of the body. It also performs functions that are associated with logic such as logic science and mathematics. At the same time, the right part of the mind controls the function of the left side of the body and performs those functions which are associated with creativity and arts.

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Brain Yoga Poses

Shoulder Stand or Sarvangasana

Sarvangasana cures insomnia, relieves high blood pressure, and relieves headaches. To perform this asana, you have to reverse the leg upward which helps to nourish the brain by improving the blood flow to the hypothalamus and pineal glands in your brain. To do this asana, you will first take one and after that, you will lie on that yoga mat directly on your back. Now keeping both your hands straight, fold your two legs from here at the waist and stand them up straight. After that, raise your back with both your hands.


Diamond Pose or Vajrasana

In the posture of Vajrasana, the body of a person remains absolutely calm. While doing this yoga asana, the spine is very straight, due to which the blood circulation is well done in the whole body. At the same time, the brain also gets a sufficient amount of blood due to which it starts functioning well.


Headstand or Shirshasana

If you are doing any work continuously, then it makes the mind tired and it does not look anything interesting. Therefore, it is very important to keep doing different things to keep the mind functioning in the best way. One such yoga posture is called Shikhasana. In the head position, the head of a person rests in the ground and his feet towards the sky. This posture is considered quite beneficial for the brain to function actively.


Plough Pose or Hallasana

Halasana is very helpful in increasing the energy of your brain, it calms your nervous system, reduces stress and fatigue. Plow posture improves blood circulation and vitality. To do this asana, first of all, lie down on your back with the legs and feet straight of a yoga mat. Now bend both your legs from the waist and make them up and try to gently put both feet behind your head from the ground. Keep in mind that your hands should stay straight, follow this asana according to your ability, then come back to the posture


Standing Forward Fold or Padahastasana

Padhasthasana is a very beneficial asana to increase memory. Padahastasana stimulates your nervous system and increases the blood supply to your brain. To perform this asana, first of all, stand upright on a yoga mat. Keep both of your feet close together and straighten both your hands above. Keeping the hands up, slowly tilt your front legs towards the waist and try to touch the toes with both your hands. Then come back after some time


Easy Pose or Sukhasana

To increase the brainpower, to do this yoga, you should sit on a yoga mat laying on the ground, bend your feet from here on the knee, while practising it, one leg is inward and the other leg is outward. . Keeping your back straight, keep both hands straight on your knees, now close your eyes and meditate.

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Benefits of Brain Yoga

The memory will also be better by doing yoga – According to a study, the mental health of hatha yoga practitioners was compared at the beginning and end. One interesting result of the study was that the part of the brain called the hippocampus begins to shrink with age. This part is related to human memory. When the hippocampus shrinks too much, people develop a disease like Alzheimer’s, in which the ability to remember is severely affected. Studies show that yoga hippocampus does not shrink in size. Normal growth was sustained in that.

Increases ability to work – The study also states that the amygdala (a brain part, which plays a role in emotional exchange), is larger than those who do not practice yoga. Other brain areas such as the prefrontal cortex, cingulate cortex are also larger or work more efficiently in those who will overcome the problem of regular double chins. Know – Padmasana Advantages

According to researchers, yoga develops and healthy the hippocampus area of ​​the brain. This area serves to maintain human memory. Generally, its size keeps getting smaller with aging. As the hippocampus becomes smaller, memory begins to weaken. But doing yoga stops the change of its shape. Apart from this, yoga is also beneficial for the brain or brain because it also affects the amygdala. This has a direct impact on human behavior.

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Doing yoga regularly also has a better effect on other parts of the brain. For example, yoga also affects the pre-frontal cortex of the brain. This part of the brain contributes to decision-making ability and planning. Scientists say why does this happen in the mind by doing yoga. We have not been able to find out the reason for this, but many biological things happen inside the brain. Which opens by doing yoga regularly.

Yoga is not only very important for the body, but is also very beneficial for the mind and mind to function optimally. Investigations and studies on yoga have also been carried out by many foreign research types of researchers who claim that yoga can bring many health benefits. You can practice these regularly by sitting in any corner of the house. Read – Yoga Diet chart

The aim of all yoga practice is to build our brain capacity, increase our ability to receive energy, and make us a super container of knowledge and energy. Superbrain Power Yoga includes all the asanas, pranayama, and meditation techniques that help in the development of the mind.

Vajrasana Steps - Vajrasana Precautions - Vajrasana Benefits
Vajrasana Benefits

Yoga is a surprisingly effective way to increase your memory. Any person, be it a student or a businessman, a good memory is very important for everyone and everyone finds a way to increase their memory. Yoga not only helps in concentrating but is also beneficial for reducing anxiety. Yoga to speed up the brain is very beneficial for increasing blood circulation and oxygen flow in the brain. Keeping your brain fit and healthy is important for your life. Yoga also helps to boost brain function.

Just as exercise keeps the body in good shape, similarly brain exercises add to the intelligence powerhouse. Your brain plays an unprecedented role in performing daily tasks. Your ability to react, understand, experience, and act are related to your brain health. Most of us do not realize that like every part of the body, the brain also needs nutrition and energy every day. The following is the sum to increase memory power. Know – Kapalbhati pranayama steps

There is a special order of superbrain power yoga. It starts with Surya Namaskar, followed by postures such as Bakasana, Shikhasana and Ganesh Namaskar. Ganesh Namaskar is an ancient Himalayan practice practiced to build our receptive power.

Doing yoga will not only make you physically healthy but mentally your brain will also remain fit and healthy. According to the new study, yoga strengthens the interconnection of nerves in many parts of the human mind. It is as effective as exercise aerobics. This is revealed after studying the last 11 types of research on Hatha Yoga.

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