Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) Benefits of Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

During Dhanurasana the posture of the body looks like a bow, hence it is called Dhanurasana. It is made up of two words which means bow. At the same time, asana means posture. This asana is considered one of the 12 Hatha Yoga. This yoga is done by bending the waist after lying on the stomach. This asana has been considered as an effective posture for the back and waist. This asana stretches the shoulders, chest, and neck, strengthening the muscles related to them.

Performing bow pose provides exercise to all the nerves of the body from neck to back and lower back. If to get the maximum benefit of this asana, then, first of all, Bhujangasana should be followed by Shalabhasana and finally Dhanurasan. Many yogi-sages also call these three asanas as “Yogasanatrayayi”. This asana not only provides strength to the nerves of the body but also helps in removing complex diseases related to the stomach. Whether to control weight or shape the body, Dhanurasana is a very virtuous posture.

This asana is one of the major three asanas described in yoga science to cause stretching or stretch in the back. By practicing this asana, the entire back gets a good stretch. The practice of this asana increases flexibility in the waist and strengthens the waist.

Dhanurasana Yoga Benefits of Dhanurasana Yoga

We all know how beneficial bow pose is for us. And this is one of the easy Padmasana categories. The special thing about this asana is that by doing this asana, you get the benefits of both Bhujangasana and Shalabhasana. Not only this, but many problems related to the stomach are also eliminated by doing this asana.

Yogasana helps improve mental health, not just physical. This is the reason why in this article of Stylecrease we are talking about bow pose Yoga. Here we will give detailed information about the benefits of this, how to do it, and precautions related to it. Also, it is important for everyone to know that to get the health benefits of Yogasan, it is beneficial to do it under the supervision of a specialist. Apart from this, the benefits of Yogasana are given only when it is included in the regular routine and healthy eating is followed.

Benefits of Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Strengthen The Back

bow pose is considered beneficial in strengthening the waist and back. The backward bends used in this strengthen the back muscles as well as improve the mobility of the spine. Also, a study done in the present has also clarified that its regular practice can also help in relieving women from backache. It increases the level of serum BDNF, a type of protein in women. This Yogasan reduces the intensity of back pain and brings flexibility in the waist. Keep in mind that doing yoga continuously will only benefit.

Bow Pose Dhanurasana Yoga Skilled

Strengthen The Abdominal Muscles

Benefits of bow pose also include strengthening of abdominal muscles. This yoga is a complete backbend yoga. Because of this, all the muscles of the body are stretched, ie they are stretched. This is probably the reason why this yoga is known to be beneficial for the spine and strengthens the muscles. In particular, it contributes to strengthening the abdominal muscles. In such a situation, it can be said that it can be practiced regularly to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Know What is Yoga and its Benefits

Avoidance of Anxiety and Depression

This asana can be beneficial for patients suffering from anxiety and depression. According to a study published in NCBI (National Center of Biotechnology Information), yoga can help in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as relieving obesity caused by it. Studies have shown it to be an effective method to improve anxiety and depression.

According to the study, neurotransmitters (chemical messengers related to the brain) called serotonin and norepinephrine are needed to keep the mind happy. At the same time, they decrease during the depression. In addition, the hormone cortisol that causes depression also hinders their development. At the same time, yoga can work to reduce the symptoms of depression by controlling the cortisol hormone. Know What is depression

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Kidney Disorders

It is believed that kidney disorders can also be avoided by doing Yogasan regularly. According to one study, a six-month yoga program, which also included yoga, was found to be beneficial in lowering blood pressure and improving kidney function. In such a situation, it can be believed that performing Dhanurasan can benefit from kidney-related disorders. The thing to note here is that there are some serious kidney problems, which can be treated by a doctor. Actually, the benefits of bow pose include not removing the disease, but avoiding the disease and reducing its symptoms.

Leg and Arm Muscle Tightness

As we have already said above, in bow pose Yoga, muscles are stretched. In particular, the muscles of the legs and hands feel stretched. Because of this, it helps to maintain tightness in the arm and leg muscles. It can also help reduce the excess fat present in the arms and legs. At present, no scientific evidence is available in this regard. know What is Pranayama Benefits of Pranayama

How to do Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

How To do Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

If any yoga is not done properly, then it does not benefit. In such a situation, it is very important to know how to do Dhanurasana.(bow pose) Therefore, here we are showing how to do Dhanurasana step by step:

  • First of all, lay a yoga mat on a flat area.
  • Now lie on the yoga mat on your stomach.
  • After lying down, bend the knees and hold the ankles tight with hands.
  • After breathing, raise your head, chest and thigh upwards.
  • During this posture the body shape will be similar to a bow.
  • Keep in mind that during this time do not force any kind of force with the body.
  • Now keep this posture according to your ability and keep breathing and exhaling slowly.
  • When coming back to the initial state, come down, leaving a long deep breath.
  • This asana can be done two to three times.
Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Dhanurasana Tips for Beginners

If someone is doing Dhanurasana for the first time, then it is necessary to take care of some things. Here are some important tips:

  • First of all, do not create any kind of tension in the body.
  • Do not force if the upper and lower parts of the body do not stretch too much. This can cause missing injuries.
  • If you find it difficult to lift your thighs while doing bow pose in the initial phase, then support it.
  • A blanket can be rolled and placed under the thighs to support the thighs. This will help lift the thighs upwards.
  • Also, stretching the body slightly before doing this yoga asana can also be beneficial.

Some Precautions for Dhanurasana Yoga

Along with knowing the benefits of Dhanurasana and how to do it, it is also necessary to know about the precautions related to it. Therefore, below we are giving some precautions for Dhanurasana Yoga.

1- People suffering from heart problems should avoid this asana.
2- Patients with hypertension are also advised not to do this asana.
3- A person suffering from a hernia, peptic, or other ulcers should not do this asana.
4- Do not practice this asana immediately after meals.
Benefits Of Dhanurasana Bow Pose

It would have become clear through the article what are the benefits of performing Dhanurasana and how to do it. Just now you can include this yoga in your routine for health benefits keeping in mind the precautions mentioned in the article. While doing yoga, also keep in mind that for the treatment of any disease, medical consultation is necessary.

Treatment cannot be avoided by relying on yoga. Yoga definitely helps in keeping you healthy and away from physical problems and their symptoms, but along with yoga, a balanced diet is also necessary. Even after reading the article, if you have any questions related to the benefits of bow pose or any other subject, then you can reach us through the comment box.

Note: If you want to start yoga classes at the comfort of your home then you can email us to join online yoga classes. We are always happy to help. Always make sure to contact your doctor whenever you are performing any new exercise.

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