Hair Loss

Thin hair, Hair loss or Alopecia has been seen among women and men of all age groups. Nowadays, Hair Loss is mainly because sufficient nutrition is not reaching to hair. It’s completely normal to loose 50-100 strands in a day. If you are losing more then this and seeing hair almost every place you leave after combing then it is time to take actions for fighting hairfall. Well, there are literally tens of problems, diseases or underlying cause which could be the reason behind your hair loss and it is very important before you rush to many websites or look at that ad and order that costly product.

First, go to your Dermatologist get your hair checked out. Whether there is a need be to get some tests. Do it and follow the orders given by the dermatologist. Find out the cause of your hair fall if you find the right cause then it’s very simple.

In most cases to treat hair fall, it will take a few months and you can have your hair back. But there are certain cases in which hair growth is sometimes not possible or takes a very long time. Take slightly different treatments to find all this out by consulting the dermatologist. Basically what I’m trying to tell you is that hair loss is mainly because sufficient nutrition is not reaching to hair. Please go to your dermatologist have your scalp checked out and then decide what exactly will work. Then spend your money on hair loss treatments which there is no dirt off on the internet or in the newspapers.

According to doctors the cause of hair fall there are many but the right treatments, in general, will be helpfull to solve it. Here are some examples: The commonest type of hair fall that we see is in young women but the solution is same. In those cases most of the time it might be a Hormonal problem, or it might be a nutritional problem so if there is nutritional problem then remember this. What will help our hair to grow? It’s the right food and good diet filled with proteins, fibre and vitamins.

Hair loss

Treatment For Hair Growth

  • Protein Enriched Food like Lentils, Brussel sprouts , Peas, or other variety of beans, Tofu, Pistachio, Yellow Sweet Corn, Amonds, Asparagus, Chia seeds, Avocado and Broccoli
Vajrasana Steps - Vajrasana Precautions - Vajrasana Benefits
  • Calcium rich plant diet like Milk, Pumpkin Seeds, Kale, Turnip Greens, Spinach, Celery, Cabbage, Potato, Coconut and Brussel Sprouts
Yogic diet chart
  • Vitamin A,B, B12, C, D and E if you take these in good amounts fods that contain these are Pulses,Carrots, Cantaloupe, Sweet Potato, Raw Mango, Boiled eggs, Peanuts, Oatmeal, Chicken Breast, Lamb Liver, Citrus Fruits, Fortified Yogurts and Mushrooms
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  • Essential fatty acids are amazing for hair growth. Good sources are Iron enrich food, and Dry fruits

This diet will work if you will follow it regularly without eating unhealthy food. You can even take a protein supplement, if nutrition is the problem. Then proper take of these vitamins, iron, protein intake essential fatty acids and calcium intake will give proven results in two or three months. If you take care of this. I am certain that your hair fall will come under control if it doesn’t then please remember quoting your dermatologist there are many effective treatments available but mostly of those are the ones that are advertised widely. Be smart and choose wisely.

Avoid This To Control Hair Loss?

  • Smoothening
  • Keratin treatment
  • Hair straightening or curler
  • Blow drying
  • Tight hairstyles
  • Hair coloring
  • Vigorously rubbing Wet Hair with Towel
Avoid this to control hair loss

This might aggreviate your hair fall.

Did you know?

Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Regular massage helps in blood circulation and relieves stress. Taking too much stress is also one of the reasons for hairfall. It is very important to take care of your hair with the right tips. We all know from our childhood that oiling your hair is essential but the thing is that choosing the right oil will be more effective because it will target the problem and give us the results we want to see. Read About – Mental Health

Coconut oil is best for hair. Two to Five minutes massage improves blood circulation, it cleans the dirt residing in our scalp and allows hair to grow more. Two to three times in a week hair oiling is must. Dryness in hair usually means that there is lack of oil and oiling need to be done. Coconut oil and castor oil each 1 teaspoon, massage it on your scalp for two to three times in a week, leave it for twenty mins and wash.

Fungus infection in scalp is also the main reason for hair loss. It happens when you don’t moisturize. It becomes fungus, or you used brush or comb from someone who already had it. Here normal oils are not recommended. Walnut oil is easily available, 1 teaspoon mix in coconut oil apply on your scalp. This will slowly cure fungus. You can also try walnut oil mix with onion juice it is very effective. If walnut oil is unavailable then use onion juice and mix it in coconut oil also works good, two to three times in a week and wash your hair with some mild shampoo. First cure fungus infection. Otherwise, it will create severe hair loss.

Dry hair, Seborrhea and Dandruff, thick scales appear on the scalp and sometimes falls on the face. You might have itchy, flaky scalper and even acne. Neem oil is very good for scalp seborrhea, apply neem oil 2 to 3 times in a week and wash. Curd or yoghurt one tablespoon mix with 1 teaspoon of honey and apply it on your scalp for 30 minutes. This will cure the dandruff problem or seborrhea and helps for hair growth.

Hair Oil for Hair Loss

Hormonal changes like thyroid problem, during pregnancy or after pregnancy, menopause etc. Nutritional deficiency, vitamin, zinc, iron, etc need to be taken. The main cause or root cause is need to be treated. No local treatment required. Hormones need to be supported here. I will talk about few herbs here to resolve these issues. There are some very effective herbs like Amla juice, candies or tablet. One tablet two times daily or powder one tsp twice.

  1. Amla is the best natural ingredient for hair, helps for the growth of hair and maintains the natural colour of our hair.
  2. The second herb is bhringraj, It is very nutritious, helps with grey hair, dandruff and it is extremely beneficial in fighting fungus and bacteria. You can consume the powder with water and milk before a meal or use it as a mask on hair. It cures liver problem and jaundice.
  3. Empty Stomach drink Aloe vera juice or use an Aloe vera like a hair mask it works wonders for oily scalp it smoothens your hair and reduces dandruff.
  4. Fenugreek is enriched with iron and protein which results in shinier and stronger hair. Use fenugreek seeds and make a paste apply it as a hair mask and try it at night or use it for 30 minutes.
  5. Holy basil It has antioxidants, Vitamins, Phytonutrient and minerals. Helps in stimulating hair growth and blood circulation on scalp. You can use basil oil or drink green tea with basil leaves. You can also make a paste and use it as a hair mask.
hair growth

These herbs are effective for hair growth because it contains all vitamins & minerals are in this herb. Brahmi is really beneficial against stress, balances hormones, Good for hair growth. These are few very good herbs for hair. Use a mild shampoo, try to use a mild shampoo. Try natural soaps to wash your hair instead of chemical shampoos and wash your hair two to times a week. These simple tips if you follow, definitely you will get good results.

Yoga Pose To Prevent Hair Loss

Camel Pose or उष्ट्रासन

Yoga for glowing skin

Downward Facing Dog or अधो मुख श्वानासन

benefits of Yoga 10 Health Benefits of Yoga

Headstand or शीर्षासन


Forward Bend Pose or पश्चिमोत्तानासन


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