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Negative thinking and unwanted thoughts are so debilitating. And take up so much energy they are pointless most of the time. Have you ever had moments where you’re daydreaming? Or you’re just thinking about things that aren’t necessarily negative but just, there’s no purpose to it? Yes? You’re thinking of, maybe, a scenario of you, in your past and you’re like, ‘Oh, I wish I just did that differently.’

“Let me think about that time in the past, let me go back there and I’m going to do something different there.” Or, oh, I now know what to say to that person! And I’m going to go back in my mind and, you know, alter that thought. Try to change the past through my negative thinking. Read – Yogic Diet Chart

How To Stop Negative Thinking? | Best Powerful Yoga Tips

When these negative thoughts are spinning and unwanted thoughts and you’re just listening to them, you’ve invited them in, they’re doing whatever they want in your brain. You’re allowing the thoughts to have power over you. Both mentally and physically.

  • Always thinking of your imperfections?
  • Constantly thinking something will go wrong?
  • That no one loves you?
  • Loosing your mind over criticism?

Spending hours telling yourself how worthless you are? Is your life spiralling down, due to this? Well, See when you are negative thinking. It eventually becomes a habit. Each morning, you are overthinking or negative thinking so much that you get stressed out, have diarrhoea, and, sometimes even vomit. It’s that feeling which does this to you when you are overthinking. Your health will be getting worst because of these never-ending negative thoughts.

Negative Thinking

What Negative Thinking Does To Your Body?

Your brain slows down and decreases activity in the cerebellum. When you think pessimistically all the time. When the cerebellum slows down, you will have difficulties solving problems. Another area that becomes affected is the frontal lobe because it decides what is important. According to what you pay most attention to. Therefore, more neurons will be created to support your negativity.

The Thalamus also perceives your negative thinking.The problem is that the Thalamus can’t differentiate negative thoughts from danger, increasing your blood pressure and affecting your mood. When stress is produced from overthinking it can increase your chances to develop mental illnesses, like depression, anxiety, and personality disorders. It can also affect our health in ways like:

  • Headaches
  • Digestive Problems
  • Weight Gain
  • Muscle and Jaw tension Decreased Sex drive
  • Back Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Lowering the Immune System
  • Affecting Blood Sugar
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How To Stop Negative Thinking?

It’s not like your brain is giving up on you. He is a fighter and the brain has the capacity to rewire through training. First, you need to know what you want from your life. But if you don’t know that. Then you should know what you don’t want in your life. This can be done by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. This is easier said than done. It will take lots of patience and practice to control your pessimistic thinking.

STOP Negative Thinking
  1. Notice your body language

This is a major thing to notice because your body can tell you a lot about your mental state. Relax your body, and then you can calm your mind.

2. Use affirmations

Affirmations are statements that you tell yourself to motivate and influence your mind and body. Tell yourself to just read one, repeat it throughout the day. Examples of these are:-

“I am filled with positive thoughts.”

“I welcome positivity in my life.”

“I forgive myself for past mistakes.”

3. Mindfulness

Be conscious of your thoughts. Give them names it really helps. You should notice, how they are making you feel, and by giving them names, You will be able to let them go. For example: If you are surrounded by people who are kind of toxic so you need to stay away from them.

4. Know your triggers

Pay attention to what affects your thinking. Could it be a past situation? Could it be toxic people? Is it a current situation? A bad relationship?
Do something about them.

5. Distract yourself

Watch a movie

Play a video game

Watch funny videos

Go on a hike

Do your favourite hobby or draw

Basically, anything that entertains you. I love listening to music when I am doing something I love. The sole purpose of this is to keep your mind calm for a while, until you relax, and can handle your think better. Read – Chakrasana Benefits

6. Find a trustful person

It can be a friend, partner, parent, teacher, or counsellor. Anyone ready to listen and give their advice to help you. I personally have my family members and two friends, whom I can tell. What’s on my mind, and they can help me think more positively.

7. Start Yoga

You may hear this all the time, but trust me it really helps. When you exercise, you release endorphins which are chemicals that energize you and moderate your bad thoughts. You can try these yoga asanas. First, start with Surya Namaskar.

  • Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar (सूर्य-नमस्कार)
Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)
  • Cat – Cow Pose or Bitiliasana (बितिलासन )

8. Morning Walk

Get up early in the morning for a walk it feels so rejuvenating. This will boost you to start your day with a positive mind and a refreshing feeling.

Restorative Yoga

9. Daily Journal

You just have to find one thing that motivates you to go on. Don’t let bad days affect you. The purpose of this is to train your mind to find Positivity in the negative. The best thing about writing a journal is on your bad days you can see how far you have come.

10. Self-talk using a mirror.

This one may sound silly. But thanks to it, I have the confidence to overcome stressful thoughts. I look myself in the mirror and tell myself good things like:
“I am beautiful” Or “It will all be okay, You are perfect just the way you are.”
Have a good talk

Don’t be rude to yourself

Be aware of misreading.

Misreading any situation could provoke negative thoughts

For example: If you call a friend and they haven’t called back, Don’t draw conclusions. Maybe they are busy with some work or just not in the mood to talk everyone has bad days. I learned this the hard way. In the majority of the time, I created situation in my mind that were distorted.

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