Kapalbhati Pranayama

Shavasana is not just an exercise or Yoga Asana or meditation, but it is a magical process in itself, by which a person can attain everything by awakening his inner sleeping powers. This is a wonderful meditation process by which a person can use his inner power to remove all types of physical and mental diseases. In the modern era, an individual is living a life like a machine. It is common to have physical and mental fatigue while leading a runway life. Shavasana is the best exercise to relieve physical and mental fatigue. People of all ages can do this asana easily.

Till now the mind keeps saying that if I had not done all this would not have happened. Actually, this thinking keeps us heavy. But when we are not thinking of cursing, then we come to rest. Shavasana is a very good practice for destroying this act, whenever an incident happens in a day in which you have nothing to do, whether the incident is in the home or outside the house, then at that time you should feel yourself like that. Take it apart, by doing this you will be saved from unnecessary hassles. Get like a corpse where you are not needed. Through which we will keep our mind quiet from unnecessary work.

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Shavasana is a very important pedestal of Yoga science. Shavasana is performed as the last posture after any yoga session. The word ‘Shavasana’ is made up of two separate words i.e. ‘corpse’ and ‘asana’. The corpse pose literally means the dead body while the posture means ‘mudra’ or ‘sitting’.

In Shavasana, we leave our body loose and lie down and witness the body, senses, breath, and mind that it is lifeless like a corpse, which did not remain for a minute without moving all day, now it is relaxed. Our breath is slow and the mind is calm, you keep looking at your subtle body with your closed eyes. In this, we remove our mind and senses from outside subjects and fill the body and mind with positive energy. From the perspective of spirituality, Shavasana is the act of separating oneself from this world. Who teaches us that all work can happen without me. Let’s Know – Benefits of Dhanurasana

Kapalbhati Pranayama

Meaning of Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

The Shavas is a Sanskrit word meaning a corpse. This asana got its name because it has a shape similar to a corpse. This asana is very useful for resting and most of the yoga is done after the whole sequence of yoga. The sequence of a complete yoga begins with activity and ends in relaxation. In this state your whole body gets rest.

Shavasana is followed by a Yoga session. By doing this, along with deep healing, the body also gets deep relief. This posture can be done when you are tired or having trouble while sleeping. The practice of Shavasana will not only give you freshness but also energy. Read – Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

Actually, one feels tiredness in the body while doing asanas. Therefore, the last is done to remove the fatigue of body and mind. This is a very easy posture. While practising this asana, you have to take your mat and lie in a cool place and leave your body loose. Because it does not require any kind of workout in the body in any way, a person of any age can do Shavasan very easily. When you get up after practising this asana, you will feel great energy in your body.

The common belief is that Shavasana is a very simple asana. While the reality is that Shavasan is one of the most difficult asanas of yoga science. This posture seems very easy to see, but it does not just lie down, but you have to control both your feelings and body fatigue simultaneously.

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Process of Doing Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

Step – 1 Lie on your back without resorting to any object by placing a mat on the ground. Close your eyes.

Step – 2 Extend your legs comfortably and give full relaxation to your knees and toes. The fingers of both the feet should be opposite each other.

Step – 3 Keep your hands with the body but do not touch your body. The palms extended facing the ceiling or sky.

Step – 4 While feeling relaxed in your body, try to move your attention to all the parts of your body.

Step – 5 Move your attention to the right hand, and then to the right knee (thus moving your attention to the entire right foot and then to the other leg).

Step – 6 After 10-20 minutes, when you reach a state of complete rest, keep your eyes closed and turn to your right side. Stay in that position for 1 minute. Get up and sit with the support of your right hand.

Step – 7 Take a long, deep breath while keeping your eyes closed and slowly bring your attention back to your environment and body. When you experience perfection, you can open your eyes slowly.

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Benefits of Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

  • Takes The Body To a State of Meditation – Shavasan not only relaxes the body but also takes it to the state of meditation. This gives the body cells and tissues a chance to repair, but also helps to get rid of stress.
  • Relaxes and calms the body – Shavasana not only renews the body but also makes it full of energy. This is really great for finishing workouts, especially when you have come through extremely difficult workouts. Shavasana gives the body the benefits of your hard workouts. It helps in balancing your daily work and exercise. Read – Yoga Poses for Reduce Bally fat
  • Decreases Blood pressure and Anxiety – When your body is resting calmly, your blood pressure also falls. This condition helps in relaxing the heart. As a result, anxiety or restlessness can also be controlled. Because the heartbeat first of all increases when the discomfort increases.
  • Improves Concentration and Memory – The direct benefit of meditation is that it helps to increase focus and concentration. When you are breathing, you automatically focus on every part of your body. Your brain automatically begins to strengthen concentration and memory.
  • Increases Energy Levels – Shavasana is the safest and fastest way to get instant energy. By breathing for just 10 minutes, you will experience such energy as never before by any other remedy.
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Things To keep in Mind Before Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

If you are feeling stiffness in the shoulders, chest, and back before embarking, your shoulders will not be able to touch the floor. If you try to forcibly, then your neck will start to ache.

To avoid this situation, while doing the Shavasana, lift the head lightly and bring it to the level of the neck. This will make the back of your neck soft in a few days. For this work, you can use a thin pillow that comes to the upper part of your shoulder. But when using the posture easily, stop using the pillow.

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