Sheetali Pranayama Technique Benefits of Sheetali Pranayama

Sheetali Pranayama has a calming and cooling effect on the body and mind. These are especially useful in summers when many people experience discomfort due to the heat. By practicing these pranayamas, not only the main temperature of the body is calm, but the mind also feels calm. They have a very refreshing, soothing, relaxing, and cooling effect on the entire body. This pranayama also helps in reducing stomach acidity and blood pressure. Read – Nadi Shodhana Pulse Resection Pranayama

Sheetali Pranayama also known as cooling brides. Sheetali Pranayama is the activity and pranayama performed in the summer season. Doing this in summer provides great benefits. Our experts tell that whose body becomes very hot, if they feel too much heat in the summertime, then they can cool the body by doing this yoga activity.

To perform Sheetali Pranayama one has to open the mouth and take the breath in. While performing the Shitali Prayam, special precautions should be taken while on the same, it is very important to know who should do this pranayama and whom not. Also, and most importantly, read this article to know how to do it and to know its benefits. Let,s Know – Benefits of Chakrasana

Sheetali Pranayama Technique

What is Sheetali pranayama

Sheetali Pranayama is made up of two words, Sheetali + Pranayama = Sheetli Pranayama where cold means to say coolness means that by doing this pranayama, the body gets coolness. Therefore it is called Sheetali Pranayama. This pranayama is very useful for our body. This pranayama is like a tree which provides oxygen by providing shade to us, this is the best yoga to be done in the summer season.

The mention of Sheetali Pranayama is found in the Yoga Granth and Gherand Samhita. Sheetali Pranayama is usually performed after practicing other asanas. The word Sheetali is derived from the Sanskrit word “Sheetal” which means cold. It is clear from the name that doing this pranayama has a cooling effect on a person’s entire body. This pranayama is practiced to calm the mind as well as the body. It is similar to Seetkari Pranayama and is exactly opposite to Ujjayi Pranayama. Let,s Read – Dhanurasana Bow pose benefits of Dhanurasana

According to our researchers, according to the Gherand Samhita, this yoga action is done by taking the breath of the mouth through the mouth and keeping it in your body for some time, tilting the head downwards and closing the Jalandhar. Then the breath is removed from the nose, opening Jalandhar. Know – how to increase height Yoga poses for increase height

Benefits of Sheetali Pranayama

Method of Sheetali Pranayama

  • Step – 1 First of all, you sit in Padmasana or any comfortable posture.
  • Step – 2 Close the eyes.
  • Step – 3 Now place your hands on the knees in the position of Gyanamudra.
  • Step – 4 Make the shape of the tube by turning the tongue from both sides.
  • Step – 5 By inhaling the tube-shaped tongue, fill the lungs to their full potential and close the mouth.
  • Step – 6 Stop the Jalandharbandh.
  • Step – 7 With Jalandharbandh, hold the breath until you can stop breathing inside.
  • Step – 8 Now leave the Jalandharbandh and try to slowly exhale through the nasal passages.
  • Step – 9 This is a cycle.

In this way, you do 10 to 15 times in the initial run and then do it slowly for 15 to 30 minutes daily.

Sheetali Pranayama

Benefits of Sheetali Pranayama

  • Beneficial in Summer When this is practiced, it removes the hot air from our body and enters the cold air in it, which removes the heat from our body.
  • Beneficial indigestion – The practice of this helps in keeping the digestive system fine. If our digestion is good, then all the stomach related diseases can be got rid of because most of our diseases arise from the stomach itself. And we can avoid diseases.
  • Beneficial in heart diseases – With the practice of this, we can destroy most of the diseases of the heart because many of our diseases are also caused by heart such as heart attack, blockage, etc. If our heart works properly then we can get rid of these diseases. Read – Padmasana Disadvantages
  • Reduce blood pressure – If your B.P blood pressure is increased then you can reduce high blood pressure by practicing Sheetli Pranayama. If your B.P, low then you should not practice this pranayama because it reduces the increased B.P.
  • Reduce more thirst – Sometimes a person starts feeling more thirsty, which can prove to be harmful to us if we practice Sheetali Pranayama regularly then within few days in the body Fixes the problem of water shortage.
  • Glow on the face – By practicing this pranayama, we can bring natural glow on our face. Because it corrects the blood if our blood clears then the natural glow on the face automatically increases.
  • Control hunger thirst – By practicing this, control of hunger and thirst is achieved. If you control hunger and thirst, then there is an increased possibility of the feeling of heat. Know – Yoga Diet Plan
  • Get rid of eye problems – If any person practices this regularly, then he can get rid of his eye problem soon. If his glasses are also mounted, then he can also get down, for this you can also take some indigenous medicine.
  • Get rid of sleep – It is necessary to get a good sleep because it removes fatigue and fills the body with energy, strength, and strength. If your sleep is not completely well then it can prove fatal for you. If you have a sleep problem, you can get rid of the problem of sleeplessness by practicing this.
Sheetali Pranayam

Sheetali Pranayam Precautions

  • People of any age can do it, but it is right that if you have not done yoga before then do it only after taking training from a yoga instructor so that you know the seriousness of it.
  • Do not last long – According to experts, it should not be prolonged. Because when a person breathes through the mouth, there is a possibility that some particles of air polluted with air also get into the body, so it should not be used for a long time.
  • Do it in a clean and hygienic place – Do this only in a clean and hygienic place. Like in the park in the morning, so that fresh air can come. Our experts point out that Sheetali Pranayama should not be practiced in dirty places. Because it is done by opening the mouth, the breath is taken through the mouth. In such a situation, there is a possibility of doing it in a dirty place that polluted air can enter our body. Therefore, it should be done in a clean and hygienic place. Read – Kapalbhati Pranayama steps
  • Always do it during the summer days – This should always be done during the summer days. Because in summer our body temperature is very high, by doing this we can keep the body temperature under control.
  • Do not practice during winter – It should not be practiced at all during winter. Because by doing this, the temperature of the body is cold, in winter the temperature is naturally cold, so doing it on those days can cause health problems.

By taking Pranayam for half an hour in the morning and evening with the regimens for 6 months, it has definitely been seen to bring relief from every dangerous disease. If the liver is healthy, no disease can touch the body. Pranayama cleanses the mind and brain. It means to say that by doing pranayama, the bad thoughts that come in our mind and brain are eliminated and peace of mind is experienced and many diseases of the body are eradicated.

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