Suryabhedi Pranayam – Suryabhedi Pranayam Benefits

Suryabhedi Pranayama – The weather is changing completely at the moment. The Temperature drops during the morning and night, it is very cold and the temperature is felt due to the high temperature during the day. Yoga is the best way to protect yourself from falling ill in such weather.

Suryabhedi Pranayam

What is Suryabhedi Pranayama

In this, supplements are done from the right nostril. The right nostril is thought to be associated with the Surya Nadi. This is called Surya Swara. After this, it got its name Surya Bhedan Pranayam. The regular practice of Suryabhedana Pranayama generates heat inside the body. This is pranayama done in winter. Let’s know about its benefits and how to do it. Read – Benefits of Chakrasana

The breathing process of Surya bhedi pranayama is the process of right nostril and exhalation of the left nostril. Prana energy goes through the Pingala or Suryanadi in all the processes of breathing. Breathing is released through the Ida or Chandranadi. Here the flow of breath is controlled and the lungs absorb more energy.

Suryabhedi Pranayama is known for the process of breathing through the right nasal cavity and is one of the most powerful pranayams of yoga. According to researchers, it has been considered very effective for cold days, which produces energy and heat in our body, due to which the effect of the cold of the season starts to decrease in our body. Not only this, but it has also kept the present weather like that, sometimes winter, sometimes summer, in such changing weather, the body’s natural temperature starts to get disturbed. In this way, the regular practice of sunbathing helps in keeping our body temperature balanced as well as our physical health. Let,s Know – Nadi Shodhana Resection pranayama

According to researchers in the practice of Suryabhedi Pranayama, the complementary action is done through the right pore of the nose. Because the right hole of the nose is called Surya Swar and the left is called Chandra Swar, the right pore flows through Pingala Nadi i.e. Surya Nadi to breathe in through the right pore. In releasing the breath from the left pore, energy flows through the Ida pulse or the moon pulse. Research has found that regular practice of this increases age and at the same time it is considered important for Kundalini awakening.

Suryabhedi Pranayam Yoga

Method of Do Suryabhedi Pranayama

  1. Step -1 First of all, sit in the position of Padmasana by laying the mat on the ground.
  2. Step -2 Keep your eyes closed.
  3. Step -3 Now close the left nostril with your little and Ring finger
  4. Step -4 Now breathe slowly through the right nostril without making any sound.
  5. Step -5 Fill your lungs with maximum breath.
  6. Step -6 Now close the right nostril with the right thumb and hold the chin (chin) firmly towards the chest (jalandharbandha) while holding the breath. Let,s Read – Benefits of Dhanurasana
  7. Step -7 It is Kumbhak and gradually increase the duration of Kumbha.
  8. Step -8 Now close the right nostril with the thumb, exhale slowly without making any sound from the left nostril.
  9. Step -9 The ratio of breathing, exhalation, and Kumbhak should be 1: 2: 4.
  10. Step -10 This is a cycle of Suryabhedana Pranayama. In this way, you do 5 to 10 cycles.
Suryabhedi Pranayam Step

Benefits of Suryabhedi Pranayama

  • To Increase Positive Thinking – Surya bhedi pranayama helps in communicating positive thoughts through the regular practice of Pranayama. When we think positively or our thinking becomes positive, then we also get positive results. And along with this, regular practice gives peace to mind and brain, and body.
  • To Get Rid of Stress – To reduce stress and to get rid of mental stress, Bhramari Pranayama is very beneficial. So to get rid of all this, do Bhramari Pranayama. And along with that, doing it increases the feeling of self-confidence in the person.
  • Cure All These Diseases – This pranayama is also beneficial for the eyes, cough, asthma, sinus, lungs, heart, and piles.
  • Beneficial in Phlegm Disease – relieves phlegm diseases. The effect of phlegm is from the head of the body to the chest. If the balance of phlegm deteriorates, then we get such diseases as headache, cough, cold, migraine pain, etc. Know – How to increase Height
  • Generates Heat Inside The Body – The regular practice of Suryabhedana Pranayama generates heat inside the body. The result is the increased temperature of the body due to the failure of temperature control.
  • Cleans The intestines – Regular practice of this pranayama cleanses the intestine. In human anatomy, the intestine (or intestine) is the part of the alimentary canal that extends from the stomach to the anus and humans and In other mammals, it occurs in two parts, the small intestine, and the large intestine.
  • Increases sex Energy – This gives the right dimension to sex energy. Performing sobriety at the sun leads to the achievement of solar knowledge. Sun is our center of energy, our sensuality. Or simply say that the center of sex is the sun energy within us. Caution to do sun penetrating pranayama
  • Helping To Relax The Body and Mind This pranayama helps us in purifying the seven chakras of our body and helps in awakening the Kundalini Shakti. The main objective of this technique of Pranayama is to relax the body and mind, so there is no need to exhaust yourself during this process of yoga. When you start this pranayama, after that you have to keep your body completely calm and stable. Contact for – Marriage Matching
Suryabhedi Pranayam Benefits

Caution: What Not To Do Suryabhedi Pranayama

  1. Do not over inflate the stomach and chest while doing the supplement.
  2. Perform supplementary action by controlling breathing.
  3. Breathing sounds should not occur while doing the supplemental laxative.
  4. Do not do pranayama in a closed room nor in the fan.
  5. A clean environment should be in place for the practice of Pranayama.
Benefits of Suryabhedi Pranayam

Time And Duration

If you practice it every day in the morning then you will get good results. Practising it in the morning and on an empty stomach is more fruitful. The time duration of this pranayam should be increased gradually. Let’s ReadPregnancy Yoga Poses

This awakens the part of the brain that possesses masculine power, that is, it awakens and increases the life force. It produces heat in the body and purifies the blood. By doing this, more red particles are formed in the blood. Its regular practice is beneficial in leprosy. It makes the mind healthy and increases the will power. Its regular practice completely helps in reducing anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses from inside you. Traditionally, sun piercing has also been known to stimulate the brain and increase body heat. This pranayama increases digestive fire.

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