Vajrasana Steps - Vajrasana Precautions - Vajrasana Benefits

Vajrasana Meaning

Vajra means harsh. This is why its name is Vajrasana because by doing this the body becomes strong and stable. This is an asana, which can be done after meals. Its practice helps in increasing the digestive system strength. Vajrasana is said to be an excellent asana to improve blood flow in the body and increase digestion strength. Performing this asana provides exercise to all the nerves from the lower back to the feet.

Gastritis is illuminated, abdominal air disorders are overcome, the bone and shoulders are straight and blood circulation in the body is done correctly. It also makes the leg muscles strong. Also, there is no problem with gas and constipation. This is a meditative posture and it removes the fogginess of the mind. Read more – Benefits of Dhanurasana

By doing this, indigestion, acidity, gas, constipation is eliminated. First, do this asana for 10 seconds, then extend it to 20 seconds. After 5 to 15 minutes after meals, the digestion of food is done properly. Well, one should do yoga daily for 1-3 minutes. Eliminates knee pain. It is also a meditative posture so you should sit for some time at your convenience.

Vajrasana Steps - Vajrasana Precautions - Vajrasana Benefits

This is one of the asanas that is performed for pain in the knees, if the pain is from disease or inflammation then Vajrasana should not be done. By keeping the stomach and digestion correct, the hair also becomes healthy. Vajrasana strengthens the digestive system and related diseases are also cured slowly. After a very heavy diet, sleeping or sitting and watching TV immediately causes problems related to indigestion.

In such a situation, if you include it in your routine instead of watching TV or resting immediately after eating. Then you must perform this posture every day so that you will definitely stay away from problems related to digestion. You can do Vajrasana at any time of the day, but this is the only posture that immediately after heavy meals is very effective. This not only keeps the digestion process fine but also relieves the lower back pain. Know about – Benefits of Chakrasana

Both the knees are joined together. The ankles of the feet are on the outside and the paws are on the inside. The right toe around the left toe. Both hands above the knees. In this posture, bend the knees and sit in such a way that the buttocks come in between the two ankles, the two toes should remain together and keep the gap between the ankles.

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How To Do Vajrasana

• To do this asana, bend your knees and sit upright on the toes.

• The two toes should meet together and the ankles should be spaced slightly.

• Now put all the weight of your body on top of your feet and place both hands on the thighs.

• The top of your waist should be straight. Take a long breath while sitting in this position for a while.


Benefits of Vajrasana

  1. Due to this, the circulation of blood remains towards the navel centre. This increases digestive power and diseases related to the stomach are also removed.
  2. It is also useful for women. This can help relieve menstrual problems.
  3. Aids in digestion During Vajrasana, the central part of the body is the most pressurized. During this time, there is a slight pressure on the stomach and intestines, which removes the problem of constipation and digestion remains good.
  4. Immediately after a heavy diet, sleeping or sitting and watching TV causes problems of digestion. In such a situation, if you include Vajrasana in your routine instead of watching TV or eating it immediately after eating every day, then you will definitely stay away from problems related to digestion. Read Kapalbhati Yoga Benefits
  5. You can do this at any time during the day, but this is the only such posture that immediately after eating, this asana is very effective. This not only keeps the digestion process fine but also relieves the lower back pain.
  6. Deep breathing and exhalation during this asana are helpful in removing breathing problems. Regular practice of this asana is beneficial in the respiratory process.
  7. Helpful in weight loss Regular exercise of this helps in weight loss. It keeps the metabolism of the body fit and makes the muscles flexible, so practice this asana if you want a good figure.
  8. This posture relieves stress, the tension of the muscles of the waist and legs is removed and joints are opened. After more walking or standing for a long time, with the help of this asana, you will feel relaxed. Keeps you away from diseases Regularly practising Vajrasana is helpful in keeping you away from diseases like varicose veins, joint pain, and arthritis. Apart from this, this asana is also helpful in muscle-related problems.
  9. The digestive system remains smooth with this asana and other stomach diseases like Constipation also go away.
Vajrasana Benefits

Some Precautions for Vajrasana

  • Place both hands on the knees. Do not bend over backwards.
  • People who have joint pain or have arthritis problems should not do this asana. Those whose knees are weak, those who have arthritis or whose bones are weak, should not perform Vajrasana.
  • Leave hands and body completely loose and close your eyes for a while.
  • This posture should sit for five minutes, especially after a meal.
  • New practitioners will get such a stretch in the knees, thighs, and ankles that they will be afraid to do this asana. But gradually after some time such people also start doing Vajrasana easily.
  • In Vajrasana, if there are more strain and tension in the feet or ankles, then sit with both legs spread in front and move the feet alternately down above the knee.
  • Keep your attention to your breath. Gradually your mind will also become calm.
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Beginner’s Tips of Vajrasana

There are some tips for a beginner when you sit in Vajrasana, your feet may start to ache in a short time. If this happens, you have nothing to do, just to undo the posture, and move your feet forward. Slowly over time, and with practice, you will be able to do this asana for 30 minutes at rest. Let’s Read – Padmasana Advantages

In addition, people who start this asana should slowly improve the lower back muscles before extending their time period. Once the lower back becomes stronger, the stretch decreases with your breath. It is also important to note that if you push yourself more than your body, the benefits of the asana are minimized.

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