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Yoga For kids – Do you know who is the best yoga teacher in the city? No? It would be surprising to know that the postures you struggle on your yoga mats are easily done by young kids. Whether kids or kids studying in the second grade, he does Yoga all the time. As he grows older he stops practising. They need to learn again. Schools around the world are now beginning to accept that its regular practice is an important role for children’s physical and mental development and they are encouraging children to take interest in this ancient practice.

All the parents want their child to be healthy and fit, but it is not easy in today’s stress and competition life. In such a situation, they need a healthy start. So why not take a healthy step in this direction today and give children a wonderful lifestyle as well as a healthy gift for their all-round development.

Yogasana is an easy posture especially for school going students in their mental and physical development! The asanas made in it make various muscles strong and provide a balanced mind and body by relieving all kinds of stress. It is not just physical exercise, it is our nature. And whatever is our nature, it is always helpful in our development.

Yoga poses For kids

Yoga Poses For kids

Here we are giving some asanas for the Kids, by practicing them they will become energetic, fast and intelligent. Due to which they can be successful in their overall development. So let’s learn about these Yogasanas.

Child Pose (Balasana)


Child pose (Balasana) can be a good posture for those who are just beginning yoga. To do this asana, spread a mat and sit on it in Vajrasana or kneeling. Now slowly tilt your head and keep the head on the ground. Keep both of your hands on the floor with the front-facing straight. In this posture, try to stay for at least 2 to 3 minutes. Read – benefits of chakrasana

Palm Tree Posture (Tadasana)


This posture teaches you to be stable like a mountain. To do Tadasana, first of all you should stand on a mat by laying it. Keep a short distance between your two legs. Now raise both your hands. Finger the fingers of both hands. Now turn both your palms upside down, in which the palms of your hand will remain on the uneven side. Now pull both hands upwards and lift the ankles of the feet up and stand on the feet. Stay in this posture for 20-30 seconds and then lower your hands to normal.

Bridge Posture (Setubandhasana)

Sethubandha postures are a good starting pose that stretches the body from the front and strengthens the body from the back. To do this, you lay a mat directly on the bed, now bend your legs from here on the knees and keep your hips up, join your two hands under your back. In this case your body looks like a bridge. Read – Best Yoga to Increase Height

Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)


Doing Vrikshasana helps in balancing your body. This is a situation resembling a tree. To do this asana, stand upright on a mat, now lift your right leg and place it on the thigh of the left leg. Raise both your hands upwards and join them upwards. In this situation, try to stand as per your ability.

Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

essy pose

Sukhasana is a good relaxing position for pranayama and meditation, it is one of the simplest postures to focus your attention. This position helps you feel relaxed. To do this asana, you sit with a mat spread on the ground, bend your legs from here, one leg is towards the outside and the other leg is towards the inside. Keep your spine straight and keep both hands straight on your knees, meditate with your eyes closed. In this posture you can live according to your wish.

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)


Bhujangasana is very simple and is considered a good asana for the beginning of yoga, this asana strengthens the spinal cord and at the same time makes it flexible, it strengthens the back muscles, also opens your chest. . To do this asana, you lay a mat and lie on it on your stomach, in which your peat will be upwards. Keep both your hands on the ground. Now while putting weight on both your hands, slowly turn your head backwards and try to make the chin upwards. You try to stay in this posture for 20 to 30 seconds.

Bow Pose (Dhanurasan)

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) Benefits of Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Your position in Dhanurasana is seen as a raised bow. This asana helps to stretch all the muscles in front of your body. To do this asana, lie on your stomach with a mat spread on it, keep both hands parallel to the body and bend the legs backwards. Now move your hands back and hold both feet with both hands. Try to stay in this posture for 20 to 30 seconds. Finally, open both hands to their initial position. Let,s Know – Health Benefits of Dhanurasana

Warrior Pose (Veerabhadrasana)

Virabhadra Posture

This asana helps strengthen the legs and core of kids. It extends to the chest and shoulders. Kids who have back pain complaints can get relief by doing this asana. To perform Veerabhadrasana, you stand on a clean place by laying the mate on it. Keep a distance of about 3.5 feet between your two legs. Now lift the palms of both your hands and join them above your head.

After this, rotate the paws of your right foot at an angle of 90 degrees and rotate the paws of the left foot by 45 degrees. After that, turn your head also towards your right foot and bend the leg from right knee to thigh parallel to the floor. Now tilt your head backwards and look up at the sky.

Why is Yoga For Kids Necessary?

As we have already said that yoga affects every aspect of human life. Practising this helps us in achieving our mental, physical and spiritual aims. With the help of this, you are also successful in controlling your body parts. Yoga will be very beneficial for kids too so that they will be able to focus on balance and meditation. Their mind will not go astray. With which they will be able to pay good attention to their education and sports, this will also improve their performance. If you want to see your child ahead in everything, then you should include yoga in your child’s routine. Know – Yoga in Pregnancy for Normal Delivery – Pregnancy Yoga Poses

The best time to practice yoga is in the early hours of the morning when the atmosphere is fresh and peaceful. Make a difference of 2-3 hours after your meal before you start practicing this. Before starting practice make sure you wear comfortable clothes which helps you to stretch in different asanas. Try to do the posture slowly, do not exceed your capacity at once.

Kids Yoga

Benefits of Yoga For Kids

Improve Balance and Coordination

Yogasanas are very beneficial for kids physically and mentally. Yoga status for children is basically focused on developing balance skills and creating a peaceful environment through meditation. By practicing these asanas, children learn to improve their physical balance which gives them a feeling of accomplishment. Yoga asanas help children to gain mental clarity, stability. Balancing learning is a key element of yoga. Coordination is tied to equilibrium and if children learn to balance they can also improve coordination.

Build Confidence

When a child learns to master one of the yogasanas, it increases the confidence and self-esteem of the kids. The benefits of this include gaining perseverance for children, instilling compassion and patience in children so that they can work towards their goals and accomplish them.

In meditation and concentrationIts practice not only works the muscles, but also calms the mind. By which children are able to concentrate their mind more in anything. Read – How To Reduce Belly Fat – Yoga poses To Reduce Belly Fat

Yoga for beginners - Yoga poses for beginners

Increase Physical Flexibility

These asanas help in working on various muscles of the body of kids. It stretches and strengthens the various organs of the body which increases the overall body flexibility.

Makes creative

kids who practice this regularly will be able to imagine better and can be highly creative. Since yoga clears the mind, a child will be able to broaden his imagination and come out with great creative skills.

Take care Before Doing Yoga for kids

  • Kids benefit from exercising at an early age as it leads to a healthy lifestyle. Take care before doing yoga, children suffering from certain diseases like asthma, bronchitis etc. should avoid these yogasanas.
  • In order to avoid injuries to the muscles of the muscles, some asanas should be done that cannot create a strain in your muscles.
  • People of all ages, from adults to children and students, have been practicing yoga, which is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and relationship with mind, body and soul. It gives you a new outlook on life and always keeps you aware and refreshed. One achieves mental stability and it enhances brain activity, allowing an individual student or child to lead a balanced healthy life. Therefore, start yoga from today and resolve to live a healthy life.
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Yoga is Important in Schools

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has submitted a formal approach proposal to yoga to CBSE schools, declaring yoga as an integral part of health and physical education. Yoga also helps the child to control his body and keep his mind fresh.

Yoga for Kids is also necessary for all grown ups. There is something for everyone in this realm, whether they are children or adults. It focuses on connecting the body, mind and soul. It is a great exercise option for children of all ages as it has many benefits for children and can be done almost anywhere. This is an amazing exercise for children and adults alike. It is becoming popular in today’s era because it increases the flexibility of the body. Makes a person aware of his body. Let us know in detail some simple yogasanas for children to do yoga and meditation.

Yoga for beginners - Yoga poses for beginners

It is said that the mother can never see her child ill. She always wants her child to be healthy and fit. He became sharp not only physically but also with his mind. Its practice is one such way, every small posture also affects the child’s body. If your child does yoga at any time, even four days in a week, it is enough to keep his body healthy. It is a kind of art not only for elders but also for young children. This will not only create excitement in the child’s life but will also keep him fit. yoga for kids, yoga for kids, yoga for kids, yoga for kids, yoga for kids.

Parents are responsible for instilling good habits in children. Since childhood, when we teach them the right routines and catering inside them, later on their children remain healthy. If you want to develop the right mental and physical development of your children, then include Yoga in their lives. Regular practice of yoga since childhood will give them great benefit in future. So let’s know what yoga can teach children in sports.

Note: If you want to start yoga classes at the comfort of your home then you can email us to join online yoga classes. We are always happy to help. Always make sure to contact your doctor whenever you are performing any new exercise.

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