Back Pain – Back Pain Treatment – Yoga Poses For Back Pain

Yoga Poses For Back Pain – Nowadays the problem of Back pain is becoming very common and increasing rapidly with time. standing or sitting for long periods of time starts lower back pain. It can take serious forms if ignored. As soon as this pain occurs, we think about doctors and medicines, but many yogis say can also get rid of it through Yoga. So today we are going to tell some yoga asanas through which we can get rid of it.

In fact, the main reason behind this is the stretch in muscles and joints. In addition, excess weight gain, strong seating posture and loss of calcium in the body may occur. Some people only have it temporarily, while some people find it painful. Read – Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

Nowadays most of our time in offices is spent sitting. We often complain of this pain due to sitting for long hours and working on the computer. Today we will tell you how doing regular yoga exercises will not only end your pain but will also strengthen the back muscles so that in the future also you will not have this pain.


Calcium is an essential mineral for the survival of the human body. It is also called micronutrient (micro). It is very important to have calcium in the diet because if a person does not consume a sufficient amount of calcium then his body is not able to function properly. Calcium is very important for strengthening the bones of our body. Calcium is very important for every age person. Let,s Know – Benefits of Chakrasana

If you want to be completely healthy physically and psychologically, then you have to maintain balance in the activities of your daily life. It is very important to wake up at regular times, take a balanced diet, and keep yourself active and sleep at the right time to maintain physical health. Like daily activities, it is necessary to adopt exercise, yoga, etc. But always practice yoga under the supervision of an expert so that we can do them properly and can take full advantage.

Back Pain - Back Pain Treatment

Reasons of Back Pain

  • There can be many reasons for back pain. Doing yoga can prove to be a boon for you when you have pain. But pay attention if this pain is very terrible to you and you are not able to move properly, in that case, the thought of doing yoga is far away. But normally you can do yoga in this pain. Yogasan provides amazing benefits in this pain.
  • This backache is caused by bending heavy burdens or working continuously in a chair.
  • As the disc breaks, its viscous fluid flows out and puts pressure on a muscle, due to which this pain starts to arise.
  • Nowadays, the problem of back pain is usually seen in people, when the lower area of the waist suffering from pain, due to excessive load, its disc (crack) breaks, or breaks, it is considered as a slipped disc. Let,s Read – Health Benefits of Dhanurasana
  • Our lifestyle is not active by not exercising. Non-physical exercise of yoga has a bad effect on health, which can lead to many health problems. Therefore, keeping the body active and practicing yoga is very important for our body. Yoga is one of the best options for this.
  • Constant working in the office, not sitting properly, lifting too much weight, and complaining of backache may be among many reasons, there is no other best way to overcome yoga.
Back Pain - Back Pain Treatment -

If you have this kind of pain then you can get rid of it by yoga. Although there are many such asanas in yoga that give relief from this pain, there are 6 such asanas, which everyone can easily do. Their daily practice will end this pain and you will feel very relaxed.

Yoga Poses For Back Pain


This is one of the 12 easy postures of Surya Namaskar. The word Bhujangasana is derived from Sanskrit, Bhujang which means “snake” and asana which means “currency”. In this posture, the body looks like a snake.

  • How To Do Bhujangasana
  1. Lie on your stomach.
  2. Then, move your hands in front, make sure they are at shoulder level, and place your palms on the floor.
  3. Now, putting your body weight on the palms, slowly raise your head up.
  4. Note that during this time you try to pull the head and neck backward.
  5. Stayed in the posture for a few seconds while breathing.
  6. Slowly exhale, bring your hands back to the edges, and bring your forehead to the floor, resting on the ground. Keep your hands under your head.
  7. Then, slowly put your head to one side. Repeat this pose three times. Read – Padmasana Disadvantages


This asana is named after the yogi, Matsyendranath. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word Ardha, which means half, Matsya which means fish, Indra which is the Hindu deity, and Asan which means currency. It is one of the 12 basic asanas used in Hatha Yoga and is extremely beneficial for the back.

  • How To Do Ardmatsyendrasana
  1. Sit in the position of Vajrasana.
  2. Bend your left leg and try to touch your right hip.
  3. Bring your right foot out of the left knee, touch your feet on the ground, and keep your spine straight.
  4. Now try to bend your upper body towards the right side. Hold your right foot with the left hand and place your right hand on the ground as shown in the image above. Read – How to Increase Height
  5. Breathe normally and stay in this posture for 20 to 30 seconds. After practice, you can do this mudra for 3 to 5 minutes.
  6. Now release this posture and repeat this cycle by bending the right leg and bringing the left leg out of the right knee. (Ie rotate the opposite direction).


‘Marjarasan’ means ‘cat’ and ‘asana’ means ‘mudra’, hence it is called Marjarasan. Bitilasan is derived from the Sanskrit word batila meaning cow. In this pose, the body resembles a cow. This asana is practiced with the Marjarasana asana. It helps in relieving any pain in the lower back.

  • How To Do Marjarasan
  1. Start easy by putting the weight of the hands, knees, and feet on the body.
  2. Breathe in, and raise your chin upward and tilt your head back.
  3. Tilt your stomach down and lift your hips up.
  4. Lift the spine upwards, leaving the mother-in-law.
  5. Tilt the head down and look at your navel.


It is one of the basic easy of Hatha Yoga, the name comes from the Sanskrit word (west) which means a west direction or back, uttan which means intense stretch, and asana which means posture.

  • How To Do Paschimottanasan
  1. Sitting on a yoga mat.
  2. Keep your spine straight and keep your feet in front of you.
  3. Inhale deeply, and exhale with the arm raised.
  4. Try to touch the paw of your feet with the palm. Know – Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) Benefits of Dhanurasana
  5. Breathing the head towards the knee made it possible to win, take deep breaths during the posture.
  6. Breathing exhales, come into the posture.


Chakrasana Yoga is a yoga practice performed on the back. Chakrasana is known as a wheel pose, in the final posture of this posture, the body looks like the shape of a wheel, hence the name.

  • How To Do Chakrasana
  1. Lie on your back and bend your knees. The heels are adjacent to the buttocks.
  2. A keep both hands upside down at a slight distance behind the shoulders, due to which equilibrium remains.
  3. Asfour the inside and lift the chest and chest up. Read – Tadasana Yoga – Benefits of Tadasana Yoga – Tadasana in Yoga
  4. they try to bring hands and feet closer so that the body becomes like a circle.
  5. While coming back from the seat, loosen the body and rest the waist on the ground. Thus do 3 to 4 frequency.
What is Chakrasana (Wheel Pose) Benefits of Chakrasana


Shalabhasan is the Sanskrit language, which is made up of two words, in which the first word “Shalabh” means “Locust or Locust” and the second word Asana means “Mudra”, meaning Shalbhasan means Locust. To have the same currency as. Cures all diseases occurring in the lower part of the spinal cord. There is a special benefit in back pain and sciatica pain. Lungs become strong, constipation breaks. It is beneficial in sexual diseases.

  • How To Do Shalabhasan
  1. Lying on the abdomen
  2. keep both hands under the thighs
  3. the chin will remain on the ground.
  4. Breathing in, lift the right leg up without kneeling, and stay in this position for 10 to 30 seconds.
  5. Come back to normal and practice with your left foot. Thus do 5 to 7 frequency. Know – Vriksasana Tree Pose Benefits of Vriksasana Yoga
  6. Now, with both legs together, keep the palms facing up or down as per your convenience, (all the fingers will be joined),
  7. now rise upwards, it will rise from the navel to the bottom. This exercise is called ‘Shalabhasan

In today’s modern era, where everything is affected by mechanization, people have stopped working hard. In earlier times people were not like that they used to work hard all day, due to which they did not have this kind of pain. If you are also regularly troubled by this kind of pain, then it can affect your personal life completely. In this pain, exercise and yoga can be helpful for you in relieving back pain. Yoga helps to keep you healthy, relieve many health problems, and make the body energized. Know – Benefits of Kapalbhati Pranayama

Yoga is considered a good home remedy for back pain, this pain has become an unwanted part of today’s busy life. About 40% of the total population suffers from this pain, it is said that 7 out of every 10 people have lower back pain or discomfort. It is a common disorder involving the back muscles, nerves, and bones. This pain can be caused by tension in the hip muscles by sitting at your office desk for the whole day or 9–5 am, or by sitting in a bad posture.

It is a very common disease. This disease mostly occurs in women working all day and older people. But in today’s time, this problem is starting to happen to children as well as youth. This pain is of two types, one is normal in which the person is able to walk comfortably and the other is intense. Due to which the person has more problems and is unable to do any work. If you are also troubled by this kind of pain problem, then do the following posture and get relief from back pain.

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